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How to get started vending.  Learn from successful independent vending managers 

  1. Find a vending machine that you like. Make sure it is easy to service and looks nice. Vending4U has vending machines at a click of your mouse where.  You can find the one that you like and where you can compare prices

  2. After you have chosen your vending machine, you need to find a location that is a high traffic area and where you can get a lot of business.

  3. Then find vendable products to fill your machine and start making money.

  4. Vending4U is a vending directory to help you find vending machines and products on one website. We hope you find the right machine and thank you for looking at Vending4U


Vending Trade Shows:

March31- April 9, 2005 NAMA Spring Expo & Trade Show

Las Vegas CC, Las Vegas, NV


October 27-29, 2005 NAMA National Expo

Georgia World Congress Ctr. Atlanta GA.


CNN News from the Atlanta Show

Windows Media Player


How to Establish a Location for Profit:

I have put together a concise instructional on how to secure your own vending locations, and how to deal with (and what to expect from) a location company — should you decide to use one. It’s much easier than you probably believe to acquire the knowledge and skills you need to thrive in this industry; in fact, you may be surprised to learn that many of my customers ultimately became locators for my company once they learned how easily these skills are mastered!

                                --Laura Seeber

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Vending Machines

Listing Instructions

To List a Vending Machine for the First Time:
1. Click on "Register" at the top toolbar
2. Record your Username and Password
3. Select your Package. You will then arrive at the Login page. Login!
4. Click on "Manage Listing" located on the left side of the page. Then click "here" to post a new offer (listing)


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